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What Do ServInt Employees Do For “Kicks”?

Go Team ServInt!

The image to the left is of a ServInt-sponsored soccer team, complete with ServInt T-shirts. The lovely lady upfront and to the left is none other than ServInt’s own Leslie Molina, our Controller (a bigger picture is available at the bottom of this post).

A lot of folks have an image of webhosting companies being filled with well-caffeinated geeks 24/7.

That image, while surprisingly accurate, isn’t the whole picture. Sure, we have a game room in our Northern Virginia headquarters, complete with a well equipped Denon and Polk audio system, a Sony PS3, and a Nintendo Wii with comfy couches for vegging out. The game room gives the support staff based out of that location a place to relax and unwind when they need to take a break and it gives us a great location for birthdays, anniversaries, and many other excuses to eat cake.

But cake or not, ServInt has made employee wellness a prime initiative company-wide since its founding in 1995. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle (and to help work off said cake), ServInt even offers bonuses to employees who hit the gym consistently over the course of a year!

We also support activities outside of work that promote the wellness our staff, the soccer team pictured above and below is a fine example of that. Here are a couple more great pictures of ServInt’s sponsored soccer team prepping before a game.

Got any work-sponsored extracurricular activities that rival ours? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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