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Freeing Information Can Save Business On the Web

Finding Treasure

Finding Treasure

Most businesses have prices dictated by their resources. It’s the cornerstone of capitalism after all, turning raw materials into products to sell for a profit.

High value items, like gold and oil, have a relatively high cost in their raw form, so it complicates the final product and causes either thin margins or high prices in increasingly niche market segments. Either way, it makes running a business harder.

In hosting, general technology, and the web, we are primarily dealing with the trade of information, the value of which is entirely dictated by the ease of access to that information and the medium by which it’s delivered. An article in the New York Times is generally considered more valuable than a post on Myspace.

What happens when the source of information, the raw material of the web, is controlled or even throttled by a select few outlets? How does that affect your site or your product? How does it change your business model and marketing strategy?

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