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I’m Headed to LinuxCon!

One of the best parts of my job is being able to go places and meet our partners, our peers and our clients face to face, be it in meetings or at conferences, speaking engagements and events.

It’s funny, despite how much closer the Internet brings us, sometimes the tech industry can seem oddly impersonal. Well, we take things personally at ServInt. Our customers come to us in search of a partner, someone who has genuine concern –and in some ways a vested interest — in their success.

After all, few things are as personal as one’s livelihood, and all of us at ServInt take our role in the lives of our clients seriously. Our service and our technology power thousands of businesses around the world. People trust us with the foundation of their day to day lives online and they expect us to take that role seriously.

That’s why I’m proud to be one of the public faces of ServInt. I’ve logged plenty of travel time under my belt to make sure that people know we’re a living, breathing group of caring and hardworking people.

Tomorrow I have a fun stack of meetings up in Boston at LinuxCon, which is run by our partners at The Linux Foundation.

If you’re in town and want to sit down and chat, let me know!

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Supporting Open Source One Download at a Time

We’ve always been vocal about our support for open source software and the communities surrounding the movement. After all, we wouldn’t be around without Linux and the myriad of open source components that help us run our business. This isn’t a simple reaffirmation of the obvious here, we are true believers and we want to show it. Below are a couple of the open source initiatives we’ve been involved in the past few weeks, with even more to come!

In April, we decided to double down and become Silver members of the Linux Foundation. We did it for two key reasons.

First, our entire product line is is based on Linux, so we felt compelled to help ensure that the platform is sufficiently protected and represented in the growing tech world. Secondly, we believe that real innovation comes from a level playing field.

There is no fairer platform than Linux.

A little while later, we also became official sponsors of the Our VPS, SuperVPS, and Solo Series all leverage the power, and flexibility of CentOS Linux and we’re proud to put our money where our mouth is. We’re also hosting a CentOS mirror on one of ServInt’s Solo Series Dedicated servers, so those interested can download our favorite distro!

Finally, ServInt’s COO, Christian Dawson, will be visiting LinuxCon 2010 in Boston this coming August. If you’re in town, don’t forget to say hi!

In the near future, we’ll be announcing even more open source initiatives so stay tuned!

Questions? Comments? Let us know below, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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ServInt Joins The Linux Foundation

Today, all of us at ServInt are proud to announce that we have become a Silver Member of the Linux Foundation.

For over 15 years, Linux and Open Source Software have been integral components of our products, services, and network. We’re fond of saying that both our products and culture are open source, and as such ServInt is a company that evolves alongside the Linux community, quietly breaking technological barriers every single day.

Our formal membership with the Linux Foundation underscores two key values all of us at ServInt hold dear:

  • Our unwavering commitment to the advancement and adoption of open source software.
  • A true spirit of community and partnership with our clients and partners.

You can expect the same great products and services that you’re used to from ServInt, and now you have further proof of our commitment to helping build a more open web.

For more information about the Linux Foundation, visit them here.

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