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VPS: 6 years On All 6 Cylinders

6 Years of Virtualizing

6 Years of Virtualizing

In all the hullabaloo of HostingCon events this week, I nearly forgot that yesterday was the 6-year anniversary of ServInt’s VPS offerings. Passing that landmark day there was fitting. A lot of the folks we partnered with to create our VPS products were there, particularly Parallels, and it’s an excellent reminder of just how far we’ve come as a provider as well as a company.

ServInt has always considered itself a managed hosting provider first, with the vehicles we actually use to deliver those services an important concern, but ultimately just a technological envelope. We learned very early on that the most important part of a company is its people and we’ve been really, really lucky since then with our efforts to attract great people. VPS technology, and more specifically Virtuozzo, has been very good to us and we’ve been able to create powerful, unique products that have evolved immensely over the years.

There are a lot of really great things happening in hosting right now. We now have viable, virtualized alternatives to dedicated servers such as our own SuperVPS line, pairing the speed and control expected from a dedicated box with the reliability and scalability of a VPS. Cloud is on the horizon in some form or another, promising new ways to deliver content and store data and with it will come a new wave of entrepreneurship and a pay-as-you-go business model that is fueling a new generation of startups and industry leaders. A lot of this hasn’t come to fruition but it will be great to be a part of this industry as we all figure it out.

6 years ago, we had no idea what the industry would hold for us. Who would have thought that an online bookstore would become one of the most progressive cloud storage companies in the world, or that a small Russian software development firm would build the technological backbone of our most popular product?

So in 2015, when we’re driving our flying cars to work and scarfing down Jetsons-style breakfast tablets, who knows what will be fueling the internet?

I for one, can’t wait to find out!

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