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SSD Cloud Storage and ServInt’s Flex Dedicated Servers

SSD imageIn January, ServInt launched our cutting-edge SolidFire SSD VPS cloud storage platform. It is simply the fastest, most highly scalable, and most reliable turn-key hosting solution on the market today.

Almost since the day we launched the SolidFire SSD VPS, our customers have been asking when they’d be able to buy a dedicated server with SolidFire SSD cloud storage.

That day has arrived!

You can now order a Flex Dedicated server with either onboard SSD or SolidFire SSD cloud storage. Both options offer the speed of an all-SSD storage array, but our SolidFire SSD cloud storage gives you additional advantages, summarized below: Read more

Today’s Internet Isn’t One-Type-Fits-All

photo-mgt-reedThere’s a revolution underfoot in the hosting industry, but it’s not what you think. The Cloud has arrived. It has gone mainstream. The revolution I’m talking about is a silent one. It’s a war waged by veteran hosting customers who know the products they want, but see them mothballed or discontinued as they’re forced into one-type-fits-all technologies they don’t need — and by new customers who need powerful hosting but are overwhelmed by the proliferation of complex “solutions” in today’s hosting marketplace.

The Cloud promised to allow massive scalability and utility billing, but for some customers that has translated into complicated deployment and unpredictable costs.

Frankly, I’m tired of seeing those who desire a simpler model of powerful hosting — the tried-and-true dedicated server — marginalized by a hosting industry intent on moving to a unified model of Cloud hosting technology for all users. Read more

Serious Horsepower, Incredible Value: ServInt’s New Flex v3 Dedicated Servers

servint flexServInt’s Flex line of dedicated servers launched in 2012 with the goal of providing dedicated server customers the best, most trustworthy hardware in the world, coupled with modern tools that give dedicated server customers the ability to upgrade, downgrade and scale easily to meet changing needs. Today I’m proud to announce the newest addition to our product line, the ServInt Flex v3 Dedicated server. We’ve incorporated the latest, most powerful hardware and technology into these servers, all while keeping costs low to put real power into the hands of the small-to-medium sized business consumers, bloggers, resellers, and start-ups.

The value proposition for the Flex line is simple: incredible power, easy scalability, top-notch server management, and fair pricing. The basic concept of the v3 line is no different. With the Flex v3 Dedicated server line we maintain the best value in the dedicated server marketplace and raise the stakes for our competition even more. Flex Dedicated servers start at $199 a month. And our most popular model, the Flex Pro, starts a $299. For server specifications and management similar to our $299 a month Flex Pro v3, you will pay up to 5x to 10x more at companies such as Rackspace and Media Temple. Read more

Hey, VPS Customers: We’re Doubling Your RAM, at No Extra Charge

photo-mgt-reedLike any other business, ServInt periodically takes stock of the configuration of its products, and makes adjustments to ensure they remain competitive. Unlike most businesses, however, when we make these adjustments, we usually provide them to our existing customers at no extra charge. That’s what we’re doing this time, too. Today, we’re doubling the guaranteed RAM specifications for our Essential, Essential+, Signature, and Ultimate VPS products, and we’re extending that enhancement to our existing customers at no extra cost.

We’re doing this for two basic reasons: one, because we want to keep our current customers happy — and two, because this is a first operational step towards a new and revolutionary platform enhancement that’s on its way soon. Read more

Ubuntu Comes to ServInt Flex VPS

UbuntuAt ServInt, we believe in offering customers the products they want. CentOS is our primary OS offering on our Flex VPS line simply because we believe it’s the best server platform out there. That being said, a lot of you have asked for other options, especially Ubuntu. Well, we hear you. Starting today, you can order your favorite ServInt Flex products with the Ubuntu operating system installed

Ubuntu has gained a lot of popularity since its introduction in 2004. That’s mainly because it’s a great desktop platform, and many people worldwide learn on it.

After talking to countless customers about their desire to use the platform they know, we’ve decided we’d let all you Ubuntu fans do just that.

CentOS will remain the default OS for all managed hosting platforms, but now Ubuntu users can take advantage of ServInt’s great stability, uptime and performance on the platform they already love.

ServInt is currently offering Ubuntu with the latest long-term support (LTS) version — 12.04.1 — in both 32- and 64-bit iterations, and as of roll out, the Ubuntu OS over VPS will be offered unmanaged. Visit our product pages to order today.

What other operating systems would you like to see ServInt offer next?

“Semi-Dedicated” Means Fully Powerful

servint flexThere are times when new product development is hard, and times when it’s easy.  When it’s easy, the market presents a series of clear signals that indicate with blinding obviousness what customers really want.  That’s what happened to spark the development of our newest product line, the Flex Semi-Dedicated TwoCore and ThreeCore servers.

With these new “Semi-dedicated” servers we addressed two frequently asked questions with one new product:  “how many CPU cores do I get with that?”, and “how many people am I sharing my server with?”  With the Semi-Dedicated TwoCore server, the answer to the CPU core question is simple:  two.  The ThreeCore — well, you can probably guess how many CPU cores you’re guaranteed with that one.

The second question is equally easy to answer.  Both the TwoCore and ThreeCore servers are “semi-dedicated.”  That means that they’re 100% dedicated to just two users:  you and somebody else.  That’s it.  That means less contention for burst resources, greater performance consistency, and greater predictability.

Both the Flex TwoCore and ThreeCore have customizable RAM and disk options like all Flex servers. Here are the The baseline specs: Read more

ServInt EU is Open for Business

Two weeks ago, at the start of a European publicity tour, I announced that ServInt was opening a European data center in Amsterdam. The interest in ServInt EU and the level of pre-orders we have received since then has been impressive and gratifying.

We are now officially selling servers in our ServInt EU facility. As anyone who pre-ordered a server in our European data center already knows, we opened up sales to the public this morning. Read more

ServInt Crosses the Pond

As any loyal ServInt Source readers know, our COO, Christian Dawson, and other members of our executive team are in Europe right now pressing the flesh at various industry events.

But it’s not all just VIP passes and cheap drinks. Last night, at a Web Host Industry Review event in Amsterdam, Christian announced that we are taking pre-orders for our new European data center located in Amsterdam: ServInt EU.

ServInt EU is an exciting expansion for all of us. It is our first European data center, and offers companies with audiences in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East the opportunity to experience our legendary customer support while locating their servers as close as possible to their customers.

ServInt EU is “lit” and the hardware is up. We’re still a few administrative details away from opening up for business, but we will soon be offering the Essential+ through Super Flex VPS packages, and expanding our offerings as demand dictates. We expect a lot of requests for our European data center servers, so if you want to reserve a slot for your business, submit your pre-order now.


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Flex: The Next Generation of Hosting Technology

ServInt has always been about giving its customers flexibility. When we started, we entered a market full of shared servers. We started giving people the power of a full server — and this was back in 1995 before it was even called a dedicated server. We were early to the giving-people-lots-of-power party.

We did the same thing with our VPS platform. We saw a world filled with terrible, low-end dedicated servers that had no redundancy and meager power. We realized we could give customers more power, more scalability and more redundancy using virtualization and were one of the first companies to push the VPS as a “dedicated server replacement” platform.

A couple years back we brought our virtualization layer to our dedicated server line and it became the Solo Series. The goal was to give our dedicated customers the same flexibility that our VPS customers had, so if they needed to quickly move up or down in resources we’d have their backs. Read more

Cloud Hosting, Branding, and Our New Flex Product

“Cloud hosting” used to be what companies called their services when they needed to impress investors. Now, it’s a term they use when what they really mean is “more virtualization.” Okay. I can live with that — there was a point when people finally stopped referring to scuba gear as a “self-contained, underwater breathing apparatus” as well. In a mixed-up world, I’ll always go to the mat for a little common sense in the way we talk to each other. But let’s be clear: in the hosting industry, “cloud” is still a vaguely understood buzz word — not a well-defined thing.

ServInt spent years being very picky about when you could actually call virtualized hosting “cloud.” Each year, some new vendor would roll out a new “cloud hosting” platform, and our engineers would scoff, in Crocodile Dundee fashion, (“Cloud?! That’s not a cloud!”) at the arrogance of it all. To us, cloud hosting meant radical, meaningful, and — most important — useful changes to the way customers operated their online businesses. By that standard, none of the new “cloud hosting” systems impressed us much. Read more

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