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ServInt Wants to Give You Free Money

6341815679_ed031e8b20_bWho turns down free money?

Really, we want to know that.

Our guess is that nobody turns down free, no-strings-attached cash.

We’re asking because, everyday, we see forum posts on the Internet recommending web hosting with ServInt, and we see new customer comments saying how happy they are that their friends or colleagues told them about us. But inevitably, when we track these comments down, even if the source was a customer of ours, they didn’t ask for or receive a referral fee.

Did you know that you can receive up to $799 cash

for referring customers to ServInt?

Our PowerPartners program lets you earn discounts on multiple server purchases, save hosting packages in the Custom Shop, and earn cash or hosting credits for referring customers to us.

And you don’t even have to be a customer to earn those credits. Just use your PowerPartners customer URL on your website or as the hyperlink when you recommend us in a forum. Then watch the money roll in.

You earn the value of one month of the base price of any hosting package purchased through your link. That’s anywhere from $49-$799 dollars per referral!

(Remember, practice being a good netizen and always remember to let people know when you are receiving a referral fee for a recommendation. If you’re up front, they will understand.)

We have a strong and loyal fan base on the Internet, and we want you to share in the success you’ve helped us build.

So, if you find yourself recommending ServInt to your friends and fellow techies, stop turning down free money. Sign up for your PowerPartners account today.

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Referring Customers to ServInt Has Never Been Easier

Custom Shop 1If you’re like many of our web designers and other affiliate program members, you may have struggled with explaining to your clients exactly which server you’d like them to buy from us. And while it’s much easier with ServInt’s new three-page ordering system, there can still be a lot of explaining to do.

Not any more.

ServInt’s new Custom Shop enables you to pre-fill ordering pages for the hosting packages you recommend to your clients, leaving only the name and payment fields blank.

Simply save those pre-populated pages and the Custom Shop automatically generates a URL for the pages. Then simply forward the URLs to your clients for vastly simplified ordering.

Check out this KB article that takes you through the process step by step.

The Custom Shop is an integral part of ServInt’s all-new PowerPartner affiliate program that now lets you choose cash or hosting credit for your referrals. Read more

The more things change, the more they… make your web hosting life a whole lot easier.

This week’s a big week at ServInt. After a lot of hard work, we have an all-new ordering system for our entire line of products. Not only is it simpler and more intuitive with only three pages for the entire order process, but we’ve also built in some pretty exciting functionality.

The Custom Shop allows you to configure and save server packages

Our all-new Custom Shop is a powerful tool that lets customers and non-customers alike configure and save servers packages for later purchase or to send to their referral clients. More than a simple shopping cart, the custom shop allows you to: Read more

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