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The Future of VPS Cloud Hosting is Clear — Transparent, Even

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 3.22.54 PMToday, ServInt continues the ongoing rollout of customer-facing and back-end improvements to our VPS hosting platform. Here’s a status report on our platform enhancements, as of Sep. 1:

- Downtime-free OS kernel updates – Available now
– Redesigned network core to increase resiliency to attack and hardware failure – Available now
– Enhanced, third-party network status update resources – Available now
– New privacy policies and procedures – Available now
– New SLA and SolidFire Site Performance Guarantee  – Available now
– New, customer-accessible, to-the-minute analytics on server resources – Available now
– Reliable, customer-controlled backups, powered by R1Soft, heavily customized by ServInt – Coming soon
– New bandwidth providers and increased capacity – Coming soon
– Improved DDoS mitigation – Coming soon

You’ll see that there are two or three items on the list that are “coming soon.” When I say “soon,” I do mean “soon.” As always, we need to balance our desire to bring you platform improvements as quickly as possible with the need to make sure those enhancements are stable and customer-ready.  We’re almost there, and I appreciate your patience.

We’re very proud of these enhancements, about which you’ll be hearing more over the next few weeks. We believe they will result in a VPS hosting solution that radically outstrips anything offered by our competitors — and there’s more to come.  But I want to spend a little time reminding people about something we rolled out a week ago, in our first installment of these VPS platform enhancements, that may be the most significant addition we’ve introduced:

On August 21, all of ServInt’s SolidFire-powered hosting accounts started being covered by a new SLA that guarantees our SolidFire customers’ sites will never slow down because of a shortcoming in RAM, CPU, Disk or disk read/write operations per second (IOPS) on the server that hosts them. To keep us honest about that, we put a completely new, precedent-shattering set of system resource utilization graphs in our customer portal so clients can see exactly how their resources are being provisioned and consumed. What’s more, if those graphs show that a running server fails to deliver the proper amount of RAM, CPU, Disk, or IOPS for more than five minutes, we’re going to give our SolidFire customers an entire month of hosting for free.

Nobody else in the hosting industry offers anything like ServInt’s SolidFire Site Performance Guarantee, because nobody else can.  With this radically transparent approach to server resource reporting, we’re literally redefining VPS and the cloud.  You want to know how many cores you get with any of our VPS solutions?  ServInt will tell you — and then guarantee, and then prove to you that you’re getting every fraction of every core you were promised.  The same goes for RAM, disk, and even IOPS.  That’s what we mean when we say: if you’re a ServInt SolidFire hosting customer, we guarantee that your site will never slow down because of your server. And we’ll prove it.

ServInt may not be the only web host to tell you how much RAM, CPU, disk and IOPS you’ll be getting when you sign up — but we are most certainly the only web host willing and able to prove to you, on a near real-time basis, that you’re getting what you were promised… and that’s huge.

At ServInt, we have never been a simple infrastructure provider. We’re a solutions provider — and our goal is to provide the best solutions for our customers by not simply following, but establishing best practices in hosting technology design and customer care. Providing this performance, while offering premium levels of security, privacy and transparency has always been the foundation of the trust we’ve earned from our customers over the years. Simply put, we’re not willing to leave our customers’ livelihoods to chance. These upgrades are the right thing to do for you, and that’s the only reason we’re doing them.

So welcome to the transparent, honest, worry-free, high-performance future of VPS cloud hosting.  You’re going to like it here.

Cloud Hosting Series, Part 5: Do You Sell Cloud?

As a hosting company we hear this question all the time, but it usually misses the mark of what hosting consumers are actually asking for. And a misunderstanding about what hosted Cloud services are and do can lead to solutions that might not fit the problems customers are trying to solve. So what do consumers actually mean when they ask, “Do you sell Cloud?”

Due to the server-centric types of products that hosting companies have typically offered, when traditional hosting consumers ask if a hosting provider “sells Cloud,” they are likely asking if that provider offers a Cloud IaaS solution when, in fact, their needs might be better served with a PaaS or even SaaS solution. Confused yet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let’s take a minute to look at these terms to try to understand a little better just what Cloud has to offer the hosting consumer. Read more

Cloud Hosting Series, Part 4: With Cloud, the Era of Overselling is Over

In my last blog post for ServInt’s Cloud Series I talked about some of the true potential of Cloud Hosting. But how do you know if the Cloud hosting provider you’ve chosen will be able to make good on their promises for scalability, bandwidth, reliability, etc.?

One of the reasons non-Cloud hosts fall short in our industry is overselling. Not all hosts oversell their products—ServInt never has and it never will. But many hosts, especially in the shared space, buy resources and then resell multiples of those resources under the assumption that most people weren’t going to use everything they were being sold. Read more

Cloud Hosting Series, Part 3: Making Hosting Better… Not Just Bigger

In part 2 of our Cloud Hosting Series, ServInt CTO Matt Loschert made some interesting comparisons between VPS and Cloud Hosting.  One of the things Matt said was “Cloud Hosting creates a world in which server instances are transient and disposable. The instance is no longer important — the communication and cooperation between instances is.” Pretty dense. Still, it got me thinking because this notion is at the heart of the promise of Cloud Hosting.

I was still thinking about it when I showed up to the local deli for a sandwich yesterday. I usually go around 2pm. Yesterday I went at 12:30. The place is tiny and normally sleepy-quiet. It’s just the owner at the counter and her son working the register. Frankly, I’ve sometimes wondered how they stay in business. But yesterday, an hour and a half earlier than I usually go to lunch, the joint was packed – and three times while I was there I saw groups of people come to the door, look at the line and walk out. Most of the time the owner’s just sitting on her hands when I come in. I realized that at 12:30, her business is made – but it’s not maximized.

So what does this have to do with Cloud Hosting? Well, the number one goal of Cloud Hosting seems to be the ability to achieve new levels of scalability. My deli experience serves to remind that the challenge of scalability to a business is not new. Read more

Cloud Hosting Series Part 2: VPS to Cloud?

I have to admit, I’m a bit baffled by some of the messages I’ve heard coming from our competitors and from customers recently about what Cloud Hosting means to our industry. I often get questions from customers and read advertising from other hosting companies that equate Cloud Hosting to being the obvious replacement for dedicated server or VPS hosting. We hear things like, “upgrade to our Cloud solution” and “host your website in our Cloud,” as if your website wasn’t working on its current platform, or with the advent of Cloud, your website would stop working all of a sudden.

Don’t get me wrong, Cloud Hosting has its place in the market, and it will become increasingly relevant with time. In fact, as a platform, Cloud will become a necessity over the next few years. But, right now – are you ready for it? Read more

Cloud Hosting Series, Part 1: A Marketer’s Perspective


A few weeks ago, I traveled to San Jose, CA, where I attended the “Cloud Connect” conference. Cloud Connect is basically an annual symposium where the biggest players in the cloud industry gather together to talk about what’s coming next for the Cloud. Analysts opine, accountants report, Fortune 500 CTOs brag, consultants take notes, and those of us who are already deep in the trenches of the virtualized data center industry scratch our heads and wonder how any of this applies to “ordinary” businesses. Read more

Explaining Cloud Hosting: A Blog Series on the ServInt Source

Cloud Solutions.
Cloud Hosting.
Public Clouds.
Private Clouds.
Hybrid Clouds.
Cloudy… Cloudish… Cloud-like.

Is anyone else confused? The Internet industry has been buzzing about the potential of “The Cloud” for a while now. Here at ServInt we’ve been offering easily scalable, highly virtualized, business- and budget-friendly hosting solutions for years — and yet, as some of our customers have noted, we don’t currently offer anything we actually call a “Cloud Hosting” product. Read more

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