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Education as Advocacy

Anyone following the CISPA debate closely will know that in spite of the hoopla, as early as last year, Obama promised to veto the legislation should it pass Congress.

So why then would I, as part of the i2 Coalition, head up to Capitol Hill for a day of meetings with Congress as part of Internet Advocacy Day?

The answer is still CISPA, or more specifically, the culture in Congress that created CISPA.

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CISPAThe Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is coming. If you haven’t heard as much about CISPA as you did about SOPA and PIPA, you will soon. CISPA needs to change, and we need your help to change it.

CISPA is a ‘cybersecurity’ bill that exists in the U.S. House of Representatives, and it’s only a matter of time before a counterpart appears in the Senate. Last week we explained a bit about the bill and what it does here on the ServInt Source. Prior versions of CISPA were as odious as PIPA and SOPA. The Internet community needs to be vigilant that the next version isn’t as well. CISPA is not the same bill as SOPA and PIPA, but it has the potential to be just as big an affront to your civil liberties.

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Coming Out Against CISPA

CISPACISPA is back and ServInt stands firmly against it.

This coming week, our COO, Christian Dawson, and his partners at the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2C) are once again heading up to Capitol Hill to speak out against proposed Internet security legislation that would stifle innovation and compromise the privacy of all Internet users.

After last year’s battle over SOPA and PIPA, Christian and the fledgling i2C emerged as thought leaders and hosting industry experts that Congress turned to in order to better understand the pitfalls of ill-conceived Internet regulation. With the resurgence of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) – another Internet security bill that passed the House of Representatives only to stall out in the Senate last year – Christian and the i2C are headed back to make sure Congress protects the rights and privacy of all Internet users.

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Internet Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

i2c-supporterWednesday, February 27th I am heading to Washington D.C. to help teach Congress how the Internet works!

The organization I helped build last year, the i2Coalition, is holding an event and meeting with Congresspeople on the Hill. Members of AiNET, Arvixe, Black Lotus, Cheval Capital, Firehost, FortressITX,, Green Olive Tree, Handy Networks, Hedgehog Hosting, Jumpline, LeaseWeb USA, MediaTemple, OpenXChange, ScienceLogic, ServInt, Studio 1337, and WiredTree are all attending and participating. Details of the event are here.

On Tuesday night at 8PM at Ping Pong Dim Sum we will be holding a kick-off party, and I’d like to invite you – our ServInt Source readers! I named the event “Celebrate the Innovation Economy” and it is hosted in conjunction with a group that advocates for startups called Engine Advocacy, and is sponsored by CEA. Here are details.

Click on the links above if you’d like to attend either event.

Hope to see you there!


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