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What Makes the All-New ServInt SolidFire SSD VPS So Different, and So Much Better

photo-mgt-devonIn a previous blog post, our CEO went into detail on the reasons why our new SolidFire SSD VPS is so important — to small businesses worldwide, to ServInt, and to the hosting industry at large. I want to take a few minutes to share more information on what makes this platform so compelling from a performance perspective.

Most important, of course, is the fact that with the SolidFire SSD VPS platform, you always get 100% of all the server resources — CPU, RAM, Disk, Network and IOPS — that you pay for. We are the first (and only) small business-targeted SSD VPS provider that can make this guarantee. All other small business-focused SSD VPS products only guarantee access to a minimum amount of server resources, and customers on these products are continually at risk of performance degradation due to resource contention (otherwise known as the “noisy neighbor” problem).

Utilizing ServInt’s SimpleScale technology, Parallels PCS 6.0, and SolidFire all-SSD cloud storage, however, ServInt’s new SolidFire SSD platform completely eliminates the “noisy neighbor” problem, and is a completely re-imagined vision of what VPS and cloud should be. We have reconfigured resource allocation across the product line and re-engineered every back-end specification governing customer environments in order to allow customers to be able to count on 100% of their server resources being being available to them, 100% of the time.

Beyond this fundamental, revolutionary difference, the SolidFire SSD VPS product line also leverages top-of-the-line, highly redundant server hardware with some of the most powerful processors available — and we placed these servers on 10GigE, highly redundant networks. What’s more, each SolidFire SSD VPS server utilizes four different network uplinks to four different multi-gigabit switches. In other words, these servers are designed for absolutely astonishing speed and reliability.

If you’re into hardware specifications, here are the details you’re looking for:  dual Intel 2.20GHz Xeon CPU E5-2660 processors — 16 physical and 32 logical cores per host node. That’s what’s powering the SolidFire SSD VPS host units.  In other words, the servers your account will reside on are absolutely, indisputably designed for maximum power.

Again, as great as our hardware is, it’s the way that we’re using it — to finally, completely eliminate the noisy neighbor problem, and the mystery site slow-downs that result from it — that makes this product so remarkable.

We believe we’ve created the best VPS in the world, and we believe the bar we’ve set today will be the industry standard of tomorrow. But when every other host has finally caught up with us and is guaranteeing you every resource you’re paying for – we hope that you’ll still be with us for one reason above any other: trust. We work tirelessly, through our consultative technical support, our customer outreach, our legislative activism, and (as in this case) our product design, to earn that trust, each and every day.

Click here to learn more about the all-new ServInt SolidFire SSD VPS, or contact a ServInt sales engineer to start a discussion about how we can help your business today.

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