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Build your own business in 2014 — Start Today for $1

83108392_498ead76c5_nOver the years, countless businesses have started at ServInt. We are a hub for entrepreneurs looking to turn their dreams into reality. We have talked about Etsy as one of my favorite examples of this, but the list is long. We know what it’s like to start with a dollar and a dream, and we connect with the people who have that passion.

I don’t know if you know this, but ServInt doesn’t generally do a ton of coupons. Building the kind of value we have as an organization takes time and dedication, and we know our value. But it’s the end of the year, and one of my resolutions for 2014 is to find some new companies to help. I know that takes planning, and I want to give you the tools today to make that happen.

For one week only I’m offering you a coupon to start hosting on our recently upgraded VPS platform — the best enterprise-class managed hosting platform in the world — for $1:

$1 for your first month on an Essential VPS (normally $49 monthly) with the code Win2014-E
$1 for your first month on an Essential+ VPS (normally $49 monthly) with the code Win2014-EP
$1 for your first month on a Signature VPS (normally $89 monthly) with the code Win2014-S
$1 for your first month on an Ultimate VPS (normally $129 monthly) with the code Win2014-U

An enterprise-class web hosting experience can make all the difference when starting an online business. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but if you have a hosting provider that has a capable staff to ask questions of, you can get it done. Now is the time for new beginnings and new resolutions — a perfect time to follow your dreams and build your business online (as I once did). I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Believe in yourself and take a chance — for you and your family. And choose a platform that will help guide you and help you grow.

Reed Caldwell
CEO & Founder, ServInt

Promotion details: Limit one per customer, new ServInt customers only. Available only in Washington DC location.

Photo by Serge Arsenie

About Reed Caldwell

Reed Caldwell founded ServInt in 1995 as one of the first web-hosting companies to offer a managed, dedicated server solution. As CEO, he has built ServInt into one of the world's most successful, privately held Internet providers. His passion for innovation drives ServInt to develop effective hosting solutions to help ensure its customers productivity and profitability.

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