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Increasing or decreasing a customer’s disk space quota in cPanel

tech bench 2Sometimes, the easiest answers are the best.

For this week’s Tech Bench, we’re going to take a look at a very common question our VPS users have that happens to have a quite simple answer.

How do I increase or decrease my client’s disk space quota in cPanel?

Resellers, web designers who host client web sites, or anyone with multiple accounts on their VPS server has probably run into issues somewhere down the line with how much disk space their client accounts have access to on their server. Maybe you’re clients are uploading lots of content or their email inboxes are bursting at the seams. For whatever reason, it may become necessary to raise (or lower) the amount of disk space one or more accounts on your server has access to.

Changing the disk space quota in cPanel is a very simple task, but it actually starts with logging into your server via WHM. (Learn how to do that here.) WHM controls lower-level server administration tasks in cPanel. It is also where you set up each of your cPanel accounts.

Once you’ve logged into WHM for your server, navigate to the Account Functions section down the left-hand column and click Quota Modification.

Select on the domain or user for the account you wish to adjust the quota and click the “Modify” button.

Set the quota limit (in MB) or click the “Unlimited” button and hit “Save.”

Congratulations, you’ve just updated the disk space quota for one of your cPanel accounts.

It’s that easy.

The Tech Bench is an ongoing blog series featuring the answers to common questions the ServInt MST fields everyday. You can find more great tech tips in the ServInt KnowledgeBase.

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