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Have You Run Your Backups Today?

317312073_e91250102d_bIn case you didn’t get the memo, March 31st was World Backup Day.

You can never have too many backups.

Whether you host your sites on a server in your own IT closet or with a company like ServInt — that offers backup solutions for all its managed servers — you should always keep your own backup of your data off server and offsite. Just in case.

So, in honor of World Backup Day, why not take a few minutes and back up your server?

Need some help? Here are a few resources ServInt customers might find useful:

The basics of data protection
FTP / FTPS and file management in Jelastic cloud PaaS
Scheduling MySQL Backups in ServInt’s Jelastic cloud PaaS
How to back up and restoring MySQL databases
How to download a backup of your home directory in cPanel
How to download a full backup in cPanel

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