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When it Comes to Customer Service, You Get What You Pay For

When you purchase web hosting, you get two things: a platform (server, network, software, etc.) and service (migration assistance, technical support, best practice advice, etc.). The platform is cheap. Hardware is powerful and inexpensive. Network connectivity bought in bulk is peanuts.

What costs money is quality customer service. Is your plan a managed plan? Does it come with qualified technicians who will troubleshoot your unique business issues and resolve your problems? Does it come with technical advice and assistance you can trust?

Some new customers that come from the $5/month shared hosting world of massive providers and fly-by-night shops are surprised by the $49/month price of ServInt’s entry-level product. But these customers are used to web hosts that cannot offer the scalability of a robust virtualized platform, let alone the technical expertise demanded by fully managed products.

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You could save a few bucks with a budget host and spend countless hours troubleshooting your own server issues, or you can offload some of that responsibility on the support staff of a qualified web host.

At $49/month, ServInt’s entry-level hosting package is cheaper than most cell phone bills. But included in that price is the expert help and support most business owners need since they do not have an IT staff or sysadmin on the payroll.

Spending time trying to fix your server is time you can’t spend making money. So invest in a hosting solution that will save you time and allow you to get back to your primary business. It will pay dividends well into the future.

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