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Keeping Up With Jelastic Developments

With the full-scale launch of Jelastic right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment on the ServInt Source to recap some of the developments and support documents that Jelastic is producing.

The Blog

Jelastic is constantly updating their product as it matures in beta, and they routinely profile these developments on their blog. Some recent announcements include:

Jelastic Docs

Jelastic routinely updates a repository support documentation and tutorial videos on its Docs page. This is quickly becoming a comprehensive list of information on all aspects of setting up and using Jelastic. It is an invaluable resource for people getting started with Jelastic, as well as advanced users.

Jelastic Discussion and Knowledgebase

Current questions and issues with the beta are posted by users and addressed by Jelastic on their Support page. This includes both a discussion board for current topics as well as a knowledgebase for more in-depth information.

Jelastic in the Blogosphere

Jelastic has been gaining some impressive traction in various corners of the Internet. Check out articles such as  “Jelastic – Holy Grail of Web Hosting?” or “Listing the Java PaaS Public and Private Clouds” on Dzone and  “Java Cloud in 10 Minutes? Jelastic!” on Java Momentum.

So if you’re interested in Jelastic, be sure to check out these resources and sign up for the free beta so you can keep on top of all the latest developments. And if you’re ready for the full production version, stay tuned  to the ServInt Source, we expect to have some big news on that very soon.

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