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The All-New ServInt Flex Private Server Line

Earlier today ServInt announced its latest line of dedicated server products. Although we upgraded some core components in our Solo Series dedicated servers over the last two years, those changes weren’t profound enough to justify too much fanfare. Instead, we wanted to wait for a major revision to update the server line entirely–and it’s finally here! So, without further ado, I introduce our Flex Private server packages.

Our Flex line of servers represents the next generation of server technology. Our new servers include larger CPUs with more cores, more RAM, and substantially more storage space. (Andrea True would be proud: “More, More, More.”) Even with these advanced hardware options, however, we’ve also been able to reduce the cost to levels that are surprising for the quality of the enterprise-grade hardware we’ll be providing.

Just as important as performance and pricing, ServInt’s Flex Private servers are designed with scalability in mind–making this line of products exceedingly versatile. We’ve cut back on the total number of server models we offer (from 10 to 3), but given each server type far more range. Upgrading RAM or disk space within a particular server product now requires zero downtime. Moreover, upgrading between server tiers (or from Near-Line SAS to SAS drives) typically involves just a couple of minutes of downtime and can be scheduled at your convenience.

So, you’re probably wondering what sort of specifications are offered on our new Flex Private products. I’m pleased to say that these servers are available with either a single or dual Hexa Core (Intel 5600 Series) CPUs, up to 32 GB of RAM, and as much at 3 TB of drive space. Of course, these are just the broad strokes, for a more detailed view of the packages, please feel free to visit our Flex Private page.

As I’m sure you’ll notice, this is a pretty big departure from the products we were offering yesterday. As we develop our cloud technologies further, the Flex Private server will offer more features and more granularity in upgrade options. So, whether you have an immediate need for a private cloud server or a traditional managed dedicated server, our new Flex series of has the power and options you want.

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