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ServInt’s Latest VPS Upgrade and Why We Keep Giving You More

Today is an exciting day at ServInt — because we’re announcing the largest free product upgrade in the history of our VPS platform. Basically, we’re upgrading our entire VPS line from Essential through SuperVPS.  Today, VPS clients will begin to see dramatic upgrades in up to 24 different resource allocations associated with their hosting account, including highly requested upgrades to burst resources and disk i/o.  Current customers will see an instantaneous drop in their server load as we actively allocate fewer customers per server than ever before. This decrease in density will mean more CPU resources for every customer, at no additional cost.  All packages will receive a 20% increase in disk space. Signature and above will receive additional RAM guarantees and across-the-board increases to all product specifications — and our SuperVPS line will include even bigger CPU guarantees.

It’s no coincidence that this upgrade comes on the heels of our recent data center expansion in Northern Virginia. In the past 12 months we’ve made substantial capital investments in our network and data center infrastructure, further customized and refined the code that augments our virtualization software, and invested in a 60% increase in our customer support staff.  Increasing the power of our hosting platforms is one of the first things that these investments are allowing us to do, and we’re happy to pass along the benefits of these new efficiencies to our loyal customers.

As I’m sure you know, most hosting companies don’t operate this way.  It’s far more common for hosts to increase profit margins by packing customers more densely onto their new, improved networks. But ServInt has always believed that passing infrastructure improvements on to our customers and increasing the value of our products is the best way to build a loyal customer base and ensure long-term growth.  That’s why we’ve regularly performed upgrades for our clients in the past and why we continue to look for new ways to reward our customers for their allegiance.

We don’t usually get this business-y on the ServInt Source, but I thought it was important for you, our current and (hopefully) future customers, to understand what we value here at ServInt — and to understand the theory behind the decisions we make. Every product offering and improvement—frankly, every dollar spent at ServInt—is meant to increase the value of the customer experience. Our business model is not simply built on attracting the greatest number of customers, but is tied to the health and quality of our customers and their hosting experience. At ServInt, our top priority is you.


PS: Visit ServInt’s website if you want more specifics on new package specs for the VPS or SuperVPS lines, and you can even check out the new kid on the block, the Essential+ VPS!

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Reed Caldwell founded ServInt in 1995 as one of the first web-hosting companies to offer a managed, dedicated server solution. As CEO, he has built ServInt into one of the world's most successful, privately held Internet providers. His passion for innovation drives ServInt to develop effective hosting solutions to help ensure its customers productivity and profitability.

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