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Explaining Cloud Hosting: A Blog Series on the ServInt Source

Cloud Solutions.
Cloud Hosting.
Public Clouds.
Private Clouds.
Hybrid Clouds.
Cloudy… Cloudish… Cloud-like.

Is anyone else confused? The Internet industry has been buzzing about the potential of “The Cloud” for a while now. Here at ServInt we’ve been offering easily scalable, highly virtualized, business- and budget-friendly hosting solutions for years — and yet, as some of our customers have noted, we don’t currently offer anything we actually call a “Cloud Hosting” product.

There are lots of reasons why — and we think it’s time to share them with you. Over the coming weeks and months, the ServInt Source will be featuring some of our key Cloud-focused staff members reflecting on the state of Cloud hosting today and where it is heading in the future.  We’ll be sharing strategies, explaining technologies, and debunking some pretty widely held myths.  It should make for interesting reading.

Hopefully, when the smoke clears, we will have answered the question that many of you have been asking:  what does Cloud hosting mean for me?

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Andrew Loschert is the editor of the ServInt Source and the Marketing Manager for ServInt.

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