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ServInt Has Your Golden Ticket! Get Ready for VaultPress on ServInt!

At ServInt, we have thousands of clients who rely on WordPress software to run their business. They’re attracted to its simplicity, its ubiquity, and the myriad of plugins available to scratch nearly any “feature-itch” imaginable. Plus, with our free nightly backups, they have a little extra peace of mind.

Well, that peace of mind just grew 11-fold.

Today, we’re proud to announce that ServInt is one of the exclusive launch partners for VaultPress, the incredible backup and security service developed by Automattic, the creators of Automattic has granted us access to a “Golden Ticket Machine” enabling us to offer all of our clients who are using WordPress access to the VaultPress beta!

VaultPress is a continuous security and backup system that works in real-time to dynamically backup every post, tag, folder, and font change you can make in WordPress. It even picks up on things that WordPress doesn’t, such as files you’ve added via FTP.

VaultPress security monitoring scans uploads, plugins, and themes and alerts you when it detects potential security issues. VaultPress doesn’t just make one backup, either, it goes to 11. Combine that with ServInt’s backup system, and you have 12 distinct backups (though you lose out on the Spinal Tap reference). This level of redundancy virtually ensures you’ll have all your data, all the time.*

Installation? Easy. VaultPress installs just like any other WordPress plugin.

The cost? ServInt will be extending VaultPress’ beta discount to all interested clients, $15 a month for the Basic Level, $40 a month for the Premium Level.

What are you waiting for? Click here to go to ServInt’s Customer Portal and request a Golden Ticket now!

If you aren’t using WordPress, don’t worry. At ServInt, ALL of our VPS, SuperVPS, and Solo Series clients have access to our incremental backup system which offers daily backups for exactly ZERO dollars. Whether it’s your personal computer at home, the critical documents you have at work, or the website living comfortably on your server, backing up your data is an absolute necessity and at ServInt, we make it easy.

For the thousands of ServInt clients who rely on WordPress to run their business, well, now it’s even easier!

So get your Golden Ticket now!

*Unless there’s a robot uprising or zombie infection. ServInt and VaultPress
can’t really help you there.

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